Current + Upcoming Exhibitions


Of All the Things I Have Ever Known
February 2023
Drawing on his memories of a rural childhood, teen years spent skateboarding and two tours of duty in Afghanistan, Owen's newest body of work is a beautuful labor of love created while awaiting the birth of his first child. Profound inspration coupled with years spent refining his voice and techniques, Owen gives us pieces stripped down to their essential elements—a horse head reduced to an embled, a bouquet of flowers distilled into a flat, high-contrast take on a natural subject. 


After the Gold Rush
April 2023
Representing a roster of 20 exciting artists from across the American West, Western Gallery presents a curated selection of works inspired by or pertaining to the West, in styles ranging from classic to contemporary and abstract to photorealistic.

Past Exhibitions


Work Based on Selected Poems 

Ty Nathan Clark is a Waco, TX based painting and sculpture artist with a highly unique and distinctive style. He has been creating in multiple genres since he was 4 years old. Ty was named one of Ten Contemporary Artists in Austin to Watch in 2017 and 2019 by Culture Trip. He is also an active writer and filmmaker, and his Award-Winning film Jump Shot was an official selection for the SXSW Film Festival along with several others. He is represented in Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and NYC.

EAST + WEST 2022

Austin Studio Tour
November 2022
A celebration of Austin artists that introduces the public to new and current ways of experiencing art and the creative practices of artists around our city.


Austin Pop-Up Exhibition
September  23-25, 2022